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The gin joint
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This is a friends' only community. It's really going to be the journal for the last five or so months I'm in Iraq, and the more inflammatory things I have to say about that experience.

If you want to join, you need to have an LJ, and you need to email me at ginmarie at gmail dot com. Remove the spaces from that email, obviously.

Not a lot to explain here. I write fanfiction, and fiction, and rants about whatever pisses me off. Inequality pisses me off: so do people who whine, "Well, I thought feminists were hairy-legged ball-busting ugly women who turned into lesbians because they couldn't get laid? What? Rush Limbaugh told me so, and he wouldn't lie!"

I recently had a guy whine that I ranted a lot. That's like complaining that the Pope is unfair because he just insists on going to Mass and not to synagogue. I'm a feminist; therefore do not come here and bitch about feminists. Dipshit. I'm not going to change because some Fox-loving twentysomething just discovered there's feminists and spent five minutes harangueing with me with shit a hundred other dipshits have already tried. Here's a tip, too: Just because you have not personally witnessed sexism does not mean it doesn't exist. I once spent six months in Cuba with a bunch of Cubans who'd never seen snow. That's what a lot of anti-feminists think.

I love books, DVDs, CD, all things computer-related, even though I'm a newbie, sci-fi, horror, tacky movies, Indian and Chinese good, Chinese antique furniture, history, debate, silk stockings, bath tubs, indoor plumbing, vintage clothes, and horses. Cats above all else, because they don't kiss ass, yet with the right people they're affectionate and compassionate and unguarded. That's pretty much me, too.

I'm not a hugger. I don't know if that will change once I'm back. In real life, it tends to make me uncomfortable, and there's kind of an explanation behind it. I'm not looking for sympathy. I vent. That's how I decompress. Don't feel obligated to 'hug'. Some of the things I've seen, well, the whiplash between seeing those things and then 'hugging'---the internet style---is shattering.

Do not reproduce in whole or in any part anything posted here. Joining this community constitutes acceptance of this stipulation.
amazon.com, chinese stuff, computers, electronic gadgets, feminism, good arguments, gunfire-free environments, journals (ack, nasty self-important word!), photography, renfests, ripping apart bad arguments, silk stockings, storage, tea, writing


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